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Cthuliz No, sorry.
Tia Hello, do you sell curtains? Thank You, Tia
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Zo @ Two Spoons Thanks for trying out my recipe and featuring it :) I like that all the non-low-in-fate recipes you used have plenty of veges in too. Love your blog btw...especially the washer necklace, it looks very chic and pro. Keep the goodness comin!
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Pixie Needle Hi! I love your skirt- and you are super cute. That skirt rocks. I found you through burdastyle- just thought I'd say hi. -Pixie
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shannell where do you purchase henna products?
Trestian Based'Emperor Mixter I want my hair to be the deep bright red the final result was all the time. Will it be that color?
Sophia Thank you so much for this tutorial! I really enjoyed it. I was going to dye my hair with henna powder but I wanted to get a little more information on it. I have dark brown hair already and was wondering what shade it would turn into? Would it still turn the vibrant red that you have or would it be darker?
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