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Una Chantal-Do NOT use henna tat has PPD. PPD is in regular hair dye. It is the chemical that usually cause allergic reactions. Google henna for hair, mehendi.com, or butters n bars. These sights have high quality henna. I use Light Mountain. It can also be googled. I buy it at Whole Foods. It has premixed colors which are combinations of henna, cassia, and indigo to produce differing colors. All natural. All pure. Finally natural products are hit or miss. Chemical will give a more consistent result but higher chance for problems like allergic reactions.( Which can develop even after years of using the same hair color). Hope this info helps.
Chantal Hello, I have a couple questions regarding Henna, it's quality and effectiveness. Before I found your website, I bought a few boxes of Henna at a local Indian place. Most didn't cover the gray. One of them from Achal Impex INC makes a black Henna - Kali Mehandi, which is maybe coming from you. On the box there is a sticker with the listed ingredients: Henna, PPD, citric acid. - What is PPD, and what it stands for? Is it an abreviated name for p-Phenylenediamine? - I have chemically dark brown dyed hairs and I applied the black henna. Does that mean that my hairs will never get lighter? Thank you Chantal
My Henna Experience | Erica's Blog [...] This is Lawsone, which is the molecule responsible for the signature red color that you see on the “henna body art” tattoos.  Most people don’t know, however, that the lawsone molecule also has a strong attraction to the keratin (hair protein) in your hair!  The lawsone molecule binds to the keratin, and stains the hair shaft red. If it interests you, this blog beat me to it to research the reaction and how it works.. http://cthuliz.com/blog/?p=2624 [...]