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Sophia Thank you so much for this tutorial! I really enjoyed it. I was going to dye my hair with henna powder but I wanted to get a little more information on it. I have dark brown hair already and was wondering what shade it would turn into? Would it still turn the vibrant red that you have or would it be darker?
Miriam I have been dying my hair any red from light auburn (which I prefer best) to as dark as Irish Red Auburn, thanks to my stylist who seems to think it should be darker every month for reasons I can't sink my teeth into! I have taken a harvest of hairbrush hair and used OOPS Color Remover to see if the color would lighten considerably. The final result was a gorgeous light ginger auburn which I would love to maintain using henna. Is there a way to achieve this by mixing 3/4 Cassia with 1/4 Henna just to make my normal drab dark blonde/grey roots close to the lighter auburn color? Has anyone done this, and is the application procedure any different? Thanks for this site. It is very informative.
gabriella Great information I love it!! I just started using henna and love the results!! But where do you find it soo cheap? 2 packsge for 1.98 wow!! My email is gabriella773@aol.com like to know what store. @thank you so much for your info.
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