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Adriana Moreno I love this! I will be doing this for my bathroom drawers! www.adrianamarisol.com
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nina Thanks! Cheers!
Cthuliz Hi Nina, here's the recipe. It's also linked to in the "EatingWell Magazine" link in the post. Enjoy!
nina Wheres the recipe??
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Cthuliz onto Food, Recipes
Zo @ Two Spoons Thanks for trying out my recipe and featuring it :) I like that all the non-low-in-fate recipes you used have plenty of veges in too. Love your blog btw...especially the washer necklace, it looks very chic and pro. Keep the goodness comin!
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Cthuliz Definitely mandatory. The secret to all great cooking is he who is known as Gunther The Penguin.
Jimbo Is the penguin to guard the plate required, or optional? :)