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7 Creative And Useful DIY Desk Organizers […] DIY project and photos credit to¬†cthuliz.com […]
15 Creative And Useful DIY Desk Organizers | […] ¬†source […]
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Adriana Moreno I love this! I will be doing this for my bathroom drawers! www.adrianamarisol.com
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Cthuliz No, sorry.
Tia Hello, do you sell curtains? Thank You, Tia
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Erica Bracy i can not get them to lay flat for anything. i've tried turning the heat down and putting something on top but they just keep curling in on themselves.
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nina Thanks! Cheers!
Cthuliz Hi Nina, here's the recipe. It's also linked to in the "EatingWell Magazine" link in the post. Enjoy!
nina Wheres the recipe??
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Zo @ Two Spoons Thanks for trying out my recipe and featuring it :) I like that all the non-low-in-fate recipes you used have plenty of veges in too. Love your blog btw...especially the washer necklace, it looks very chic and pro. Keep the goodness comin!
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Foy Update - Cook. Garden. Write. Repeat. Thanks for the link back to my recipe blog! I hope you enjoy your muffins! Cranberries sound like a great addition. I've also used currants to great success.
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Fraina Duarte Rufino SEMPRE FAZENDO COISAS BONITAS EM!!!!!!!!!
Natasha Andersen I'm gonna make this tomorrow in my own interpretation. The advice regarding the quilting is very clever. I haven't thought of not stopping and cutting thread for each line
Helen Thank you
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Sarah I am trying to make this recipe now! We'll see how it comes out. :) This is my first try at making bread ever, so I haven't set my hopes too high. He likes Sunbeam brand bread...it's pretty soft and fluffy, so I'll try letting it rise longer like you said. Thanks!
Cthuliz It's denser than the generic Publix white bread or Wonderbread, but you can let it rise longer during the final rising (about 20 minutes longer) to accommodate for that and make it more fluffy. I usually use whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose, so it tends to be coarser and more filling. Unfortunately, baking is much more complex and precise than it seems, so you will probably not make perfect bread immediately. There were six attempted loaves that were consumed by the garbage can before I made something humans could eat. It will take patience and practice to create the perfect bread, but this recipe is a good start, provided you have a thermometer. What sort of brand or type of bread does he like? It just so happens that I checked out several baking books from the library and I'd love to give some of the recipes a try. Then I can pass on the info to you. :)
Sarah How does this bread compare to store bought bread, as far as fluffiness and stuff (or a brand)? (I know it\'s got to be waaay better.) I really want to try and make this, but I have a very picky boy and I don\'t want to be eating it by myself :(