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Gloria Very nice! Thanks for sharing how you did it.
Kim Love it! If i ever advance beyond sewing on buttons and repairing seams I’m going to try this! (mistyped address first time)
Cthuliz Thanks, Parnuuna! Many of my ideas come from keeping up-to-date with the fashion blogosphere, which includes new products from some of my favorite online shops. This dress was inspired by ModCloth's Team Mod Mini Dress .
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Cthuliz Why, thank you! I bought it from this eBay seller. It looks like they still have the same fabric in stock today.
reveita i love that dress i am planning my wedding and i want too do the peacock print can u please tell me where i can fine that fabric...
Cthuliz That's awesome. I wish I had leftovers, but I gave them to a thrift store before we moved. But, hey, I'm always willing to obtain more peacock fabric.
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