Chiffon Peacock Dress

Remember that peacock fabric I mentioned over two months ago?
Finally did something with it.

Inspiration: Modcloth's Hotel Particulier Dress

I was originally inspired by ModCloth’s Hotel Particulier Dress. Whilst perusing Burda Style‘s June 2010 issue, I found a similar-looking dress pattern (#126) and decided I’d give it a sew. After choosing zany avian fabric.

I would like to run through this pattern again, simply because fabric constraints caused me to awkwardly improvise my way through most of it. I really wanted to make the peacock fabric work even though I didn’t have the required amount for the pattern, so some parts of the dress are more frumpy than others. It’s not noticeable; I’d just like to live up to more professional garment standards.

The back, configuredChiffon Peacock DressThe skirt portion

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