Sewing inspiration from the streets of Seattle

Just about every day now, I find myself meandering around downtown Seattle. I’m sure I seem like a committed window shopper when I whip out my camera, but I’m really just gathering inspiration for potential sewing projects. Perhaps you, too, will find some creative inspiration in these photos.

Butterfly dress

It's Burda's fault that I've had an unfortunate love of sequins as of late.

Look at the details on the shoulders and hem! It seems as if it were accomplished with piping and bias tape.

Part of a puff paint octopus shirt from the Seattle Aquarium.

Simple ribbon construction on the back of a top.

I always adore the window displays of Velouria, which is located on Pike and Melrose.

Bead design on the arm of a jacket

From the sci-fi museum below the Space Needle

Oh, hell yes, it's a cat pillow.

Not really sewing inspiration, but it certainly is crafty necklace inspiration.

Neat ruffles

This is a terrible photo, I know, but can you make out that semicircular ruched area on the dress?

A simple felt design zig-zagged on to a shirt front.

Last but not least, this guy. Because I like him.

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