Healthy banana muffins

Recently I’ve had a wee bit’o a sweet tooth, but have been trying to avoid gorging on desserts. That’s why this recipe for Healthy Happy Banana Muffins came in handy. I also made my own applesauce for the occasion using this simple recipe and some trusty Fuji apples.

There were some modifications to the muffin recipe: I substituted half a cup of cranberries for dates, then drizzled a tablespoon of maple syrup over the muffins immediately after removing them from the oven.

Healthy banana muffins

Healthy banana muffins

Additional accomplishments of the day: I baked burger buns and whole wheat bread. I have never been more delighted by my former self: She who mocked those who love to cook and bake.

EDIT, 10:32 p.m.: Just improvised my way through garlic mashed potatoes and mock meat, which led to delicious vegetarian shepherd’s pie — much more delicious than veggie shepherd’s pie made with Morningstar Farms crumbles, even.

You know what this means? Soon I will be THE DEADLIEST WARRIOR.

Recipes to come shortly.

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