Pinterest has had a hold on me for months now. This visual bookmarking site serves as a glut of fascinating ideas, including this tutorial for retro kitchen curtains by sew4home.

I decided to make my own retro curtains based on this tutorial, and stick with my kitchen’s current black-and-white checkered theme. For my 35″ by 47″ window, I cut the following pieces:

  • 2 pieces of 43″ by 43″ main fabric (65% cotton, 35% polyester)
  • 2 pieces of 43″ by 43″ white lining fabric (100% cotton)
  • 4 pieces of 43″ by 8″ red accent fabric (100% cotton)
  • 18 strips of 9″ long red ribbon (7/8″ wide satin)

Retro kitchen curtains with bows

The only modification I made was to machine-sew each curtain panel’s tie-back ribbon to the center of the lining (not the main fabric) before attaching the bottom accent fabric (i.e. directly before step 21 in the tutorial). It seemed silly to have a stray ribbon lying around whenever the curtains were open. The back of each panel then looked like so:

The tie-back ribbon is sewn to the center of each panel's lining only (not main fabric)

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