For me, sewing a garment during the same season it is to be worn is as futile as polishing firewood*. That’s why I started sewing this cape during summer, hoping that it would meander its way into my closet come fall. The pattern is New Look 6658.

In other news, I’ve recently been straying from my henna ways. So far, my cranial keratin mass has sported several different coats: cotton candy pink, sunset, and lobster lips red.

The lining is a blue polka-dotted print:

The pattern called for toggle closures, but not even the mecca of all sewing stores carried them. I made my own from twisted black rope, which I secured to the front of the cape with button thread:

Although sewing the cape was a fun experience thanks to a well-made, straightforward pattern, sporting it this fall shall be the most rewarding experience.

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* If you appreciated this Arundhati Roy book, let’s be friends.

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