Leute, I am reveling in this three-day weekend business. I haven’t had a single quarter off from school in over two years and the pile of resentment is set to overflow. My weekends have historically consisted of Saturdays plump with the belief that I could somehow become a seamstress, followed by a scornful Sunday where I’m buried by obligation and unable to do what I’d like. I’ll need some cheese with my whine.

This school quarter I have no obligations on Friday, meaning a routine three-day weekend. Although the holiday budget disabled my sewing this weekend, productivity was rampant. The house is clean, the upstairs bathroom is tiled, windows were shrink wrapped, the front door painted—you get the gist.

As a quick (not to mention free) project on the side, I decided to follow this tutorial and make gift bows for the holidays. I used a Sephora catalog, which is always filled with colorful, glitter-faced robogirls that terrify me. Unlike the tutorial, I used glass beads with a needle and thread.

DIY Gift Bows

DIY Gift BowDIY Gift Bows

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