That’s right: vanity. Time for some indulgence on my part. These past three days, I’ve had three different colors atop my head: brown, blonde, then red. We’re talking Lola Rennt red.

Despite the fact that my head is usually fairly uninteresting, I enjoy reading about the hair experiments of others. For this, I went cheap and bleached my hair blond, then used Loréal Preference RR07. After donning goggles I called it a day:


In other news, there are rabbits lounging about my garden that have officially made me feel bad about using a trowel. I was sweating up a storm yesterday whilst dredging massive rocks out of the lawn when I heard an animal scurry away. Animal investigator that I am, I sought out to follow the sounds. It turned out to be a baby rabbit. Following more scurrying, I found another one.



They had a funny habit of burying their heads (and nothing but their heads) in grass blades and then just sitting there, motionless. Be like the dirt, rabbit.

In any case, gardening that section of the lawn has officially been put on hold until the rabbits grow up. One excuse after another with this one.

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