Apologies for the lack of frequent posts, everyone. I’ve been distracted by bureaucracy (i.e. polishing off my college degree). Since I’m on campus over 50 hours every week, I haven’t found time to blog. (Case in point, several of these pictures are over nine months old.)

But blogosphere, I’ll avoid school for you. Gladly. With flour-based goods, to boot.


Apple Pancakes

Recipe: Veronica’s Apple Pancakes

First up on our list of baked goods is one tantalizing pancake. I made these one morning after going apple-picking with some friends at Whittier Fruit Farm.


Sesame-Coated White Bread

Recipe: Beginner’s Top-Choice White Bread


This is a recipe that I’ve been using since I first started baking bread. It’s fast [in baking terms], it’s easy, and the ingredients are cheap.

Thanks to all of those artisan baking books I pored over last summer*, I’ve garnered more knowledge about gluten development, scoring, and baking techniques in general, so I’ve been applying this knowledge to even the simplest of bread recipes. I’m far from professional, but the improvement is tasty, nonetheless.

For this bread, I kneaded in several dashes of oregano and let the round loaf rise during the second rising in my Brotform. I scored each loaf, painted each with a whisked mixture containing one egg and a teaspoon of water, then sprinkled roasted sesame seeds on top. After five minutes of letting the egg wash and sesame seeds set, I popped the loaves in the preheated oven (sans Brotform for the round bread).

* A special thanks to you, Ciril Hitz. His book, Baking Artisan Breads, still serves as my number one point of reference for baking.


Portobella Mushroom Quiche

Recipe: Wegmans Portobella Mushroom Quiche

This quiche was too good. Now go forth and make it.

Pupusas with Curtido

Recipe: From the April/May 2011 issue of Vegetarian Times, page 58

This dish essentially consists of refried beans and Cotija cheese fried in a masa harina-based dough. It’s even better when enjoyed as breakfast the next day. We topped it with a fried egg and more Cotija cheese, because we apparently have a death wish:

Mushroom Tartlets

Recipe: BBC Good Food Wild Mushroom Tartlets

I made these about a year ago, but I distinctly remember that they were amazing. You really can’t go wrong with puff pastry-centric wild mushrooms.

Apple Dumpling Casserole

Recipe: Country Apple Dumplings

These apples also came from apple-picking at Whittier Fruit Farm. The casserole dish we used was too deep, so some of the lower dumplings weren’t baked well enough. If you make this treat, be sure to use the standard 9″ x 13″ baking dish specified in the recipe.

Strumpet Crumpets

Recipe: English Muffins

Finally, our titular recipe. I’m not sure where the term “strumpet crumpet” came from, but it certainly will make its way to my future Halloween closet.

This is a fantastic recipe for anyone with a hectic schedule because you can whip up 18 English muffins in one go. Freeze some in breakfast sandwich form, use it as sustenance for an entire week, whatever. They are toothsome.

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