Basically, this post is just to remind you of how great veggie burgers are.

For each type of burger, I baked buns using a certain trusty recipe.

Mushroom Burgers

Rating:     =    Dream burgers

Recipe from Foy Update

Vegan Chickpea Coriander Patties

Rating:     =    Very tasty, but some salt should be mixed into the patties before frying. It’s not as hearty as the mushroom burgers, but the fellow chickpea-obsessed are likely to fawn over these.

Recipe from Tinned Tomatoes

TVP Veggie Burgers

Rating:     =    On their own, these sliders were none too interesting. But then Cheddar cheese slices and barbecue sauce dissuaded me from forever holding that opinion. As a bonus, the patties freeze and reheat well.

Recipe from

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