I’m an unabashed magazine buff.
I currently subscribe to eight hobby-related magazines. When a gem surfaces in that massive stack, I notice. This month’s gem was Vegetarian Times, which now lies on my counter, brutally dog-eared.

Black Bean Edamame Sliders on Homemade Burger Buns

Black Bean Edamame Sliders (page 65) on Homemade Burger Buns

First up is the above inventive nugget. I’d never bought edamame before, but it was perfect for these Sloppy Joe-resembling burgers. I also baked burger buns for the occasion using this recipe, but painted the dough with egg wash and then sprinkled the buns with roasted sesame seeds 10 minutes before popping them in the oven. We added Stubb’s barbecue sauce and cheddar cheese. It was awesome; I will definitely be making these burgers again. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s cost-effective, but you will need either a food processor or the will to mash beans.

Salt and Vinegar Potato Bites

Salt and Vinegar Potato Bites (page 42)

Can potatoes do no wrong?

Sourdough Bread

Sourdough Sandwich Loaf (pages 55 and 58)

Sourdough is a type of bread I had always wanted to try baking. This issue had a “shortcut sourdough starter” recipe which takes about four days to prepare but, hey, I’m on break, so why not? The spiral shape is from this nifty rising basket my mom bought me. It was so tasty that two more loaves are a-brewin’ as I type.

Semolina and Gruyère Quenelles with Tomato Sauce

Semolina and Gruyère Quenelles with Tomato Sauce (page 78)

I screwed these up. They’re supposed to be delectable, pristine oval-shaped dumplings that remain intact and are fused with tomatoes in an oven. Mine didn’t really make it past the dumpling stage since the dumpling-forming water was boiling too vigorously. They disintegrated. It was edible, but not too fantastic. I just bought some more Gruyère cheese and am determined to give it another shot.

Cuban Black Bean and Potato Soup

Cuban Black Bean and Potato Soup (page 52)

As a base, this soup was fine, but it needed a kick. We added a chopped chipotle pepper that had been soaked in adobo sauce [which is actually redundant, since adobo means sauce in Spanish (and, on that note, never say "frijole bean burritos," either)] and then cooked it down for about an hour so it became a thick, hearty stew (but the above picture is from before all of that work). For this recipe, I also made my own vegetable stock and thus achieved “crazed kitchen harlot” status.

Kickass Charmeuse Deer Fabric from Fashion Fabrics Club

More posts are on the way, I swear. I’ve been working on a double-breasted coat for the past 9,876,123,117 months and am planning on sewing a kickass charmeuse deer dress with which I can greet spring. Then there’s some crafty tidbits and other creations I haven’t had time to post. Be on the lookout.

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