DIY Colored Pencil Necklace

Like it? Here’s how to make one of your own.

Required materials:

  • - Necklace wire
  • - Beads that will fit wire
  • - Decoupage finish
  • - Superglue (optional)
  • - Colored pencils

Required tools:

  • - Thick surface for drilling (e.g. wooden planks as portrayed in picture below)
  • - Dremel with drill bit and circular bit (something that will cut straight through the pencils)
  • - Sander or sand paper
  • - Pliers (optional; depends on necklace wire instructions)
  • - Paintbrush or sponge for applying decoupage finish


  1. - Sharpen each colored pencil.
  2. - Drill each one at the same length with your circular (or equivalent) drill bit. Sand edges.
  3. - Drill a hole at the sanded edge of each colored pencil, about 1/4 inch from edge.
  4. - If the pencil lead is loose, glue with super glue or decoupage finish. Coat each pencil with a thin coat of decoupage finish. Let dry. (Yes, this means the pencils will not actually write, but consider the alternative problems before you decide to skip on sealing the pencils in decoupage finish.)
  5. - String beads on your jewelry wire to desired length.
  6. - Add colored pencils.
  7. - Finish with more beads.
  8. - Secure clasp of jewelry wire according to package instructions (usually done with pliers).
  9. - Admire your work.


Colored Pencil Necklace

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