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7 Creative And Useful DIY Desk Organizers […] DIY project and photos credit to […]
15 Creative And Useful DIY Desk Organizers | […]  source […]
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Cthuliz I'm not sure where you're located (I'm in the northeastern US), but Home Depot still has the A-683 available for in-store pickup:
nathan The Watts A-683 piece seems to be discontinued. Anyone have any idea what a good replacement piece may be??
dennis.lifefermented Be sure to stop by my page and let me know how your build goes if you do. I'd love any feedback on what you like and what could be changed- already had to add an extra hose clamp to my original design after using it for a while (I updated the build page a while back to reflect the change).
Adriana Moreno I love this! I will be doing this for my bathroom drawers!
Cthuliz No, sorry.
Tia Hello, do you sell curtains? Thank You, Tia
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Erica Bracy i can not get them to lay flat for anything. i've tried turning the heat down and putting something on top but they just keep curling in on themselves.
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Cthuliz onto Crafts, Tutorials
Cthuliz Aw, thanks, Alex — I miss you, too! We're thinking about moving back this winter but nothing's set in stone yet. I will have to get my ass out of -1,347,090˚F New York sometime.
Alex I think... these are awesome! And I miss you! When is your move back to Seattle?
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Keeping Christmas Meaningful and Debt Free! […] – Just take a look at these inexpensive designs: a Washer Necklace (, a wood bead necklace (, 40 gorgeous diy necklaces (Brit & Co.), and 22 more […]
Regina Very cute and a perfect fit! Good thing you had a bunch of washers around to while away a sick day - Love, :-)
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Cthuliz onto Crafts
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Colar de Lápis de Cor | Artesanato e Decoração [...] Para saber mais sobre Colar de Lápis de Cor, visite [...]
Susan Reaney I love it. This may even challenge me to get out that Dremel and try very cute! xo, Suz
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